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Permission to breathe deeply

January 8, 2023
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Permission to breath deeply

A client used this phrase in her session this week and I really liked it as a summary of what she needed to make her feel calm and in control again.

She’s a busy lady:

  • A full time job.
  • Two children, who despite being grown up, still need her, just in different ways than when they were young kids.
  • A full and active social life.
  • A number of hobbies.

And always comparing herself to other people that appear to be ‘better at life’ than she is!

She came into the session appearing slightly flustered, maybe a little tiredness showing through her otherwise ‘together’ exterior.

She doesn’t see herself as ‘together’…far from it.

She juggles so many things every day, yet she’s hard on herself if one of those balls ever slip. 

We’ve been working together for a few weeks now, and this particular phrase came out this week related to happiness.

A strange phrase to relate to happiness, you might think.

She openly acknowledges that she does a lot of things in her life that she enjoys.

And yet, she still feels something is missing.

She doesn’t quite feel completely…fulfilled.

I know this story well.

It was exactly how I felt too.

You might know how fortunate you are for all you have.
You fill your life full of people and things that you love and enjoy.

But there is still something missing. You somehow don’t feel complete. Not truly content.

And however much you have, there is nothing that can make up for not having that.
Nothing that will fill that gap.

That gap can only get filled from the inside out. 

I admire my clients.

Not just for all they do and the wonderful people that they are (I am very fortunate that I get to work with some really fab people!).

But because they’ve taken that scary step to do the work they know they need to do to address the problems and get the changes they want to get.

The inner work.

It can feel challenging at times.
There can be resistance from their subconscious (I know one or two of them reading this will be thinking “boy can there be resistance!”)

But they take that first step to show up for themselves.

  • They know that they have the power to change things.
  • They have the want.
  • They have the will.

They just don’t always have the tools, or know how.

They’ve tried things before and it got them so far.
But now they are really ready to step into making those changes to fill that hole.

They dare to hope that it’s possible they can carry on achieving…
😃 Growing their business.
😃 Honing and developing their skills and their team.
😃 Being there for their family and friends.
😃 Looking after their health.
😃 Going from strength to strength in their relationship.

…whilst still being able to look after themselves and enjoy their life 😃

To feel content within themselves.
To breathe deeply. 

And when we’ve worked through the challenges and the resistance.

When they’ve made breakthroughs and maybe even shed some tears.

When they’ve got rid of old beliefs and programming that have been holding them back…

My god do they fly!!

And I get the privilege of being there with them as they walk that path.
Of lighting the way.

Perhaps it’s your time to start on that path too?

And if you feel like you need someone there with you to walk that path, get in touch and let’s have a chat about where you’d like that path to lead, and how I can help light your way 🕯💖

Written By

Jo Plimmer

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