Ideal for business owners and leaders who have fallen off track


For anyone who is feeling burnt out and overwhelmed and wants to get back on track.


For anyone that consistently struggles to switch off and feels guilty taking time off.


For anyone that is juggling numerous roles and responsibilities in their life, who wants to feel in control.


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Why Work With Me?

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Why Work With Me?

The aim of my coaching packages is that you don’t continue working with me afterwards.

Yep, you read that right!

I want you to finish working with me and feel that you’ve shifted and transformed so much that you feel like you don’t need any further sessions.

I want you to feel free of the worries and anxieties that fill your head and distract you from doing what you do so brilliantly.

I want you to feel on fire, your business going from strength to strength.

But equally, able to switch off from it…

  • To enjoy precious moments with your family.
  • To do the things you love doing… and actually feel present whilst you’re doing them!
  • To take time for yourself without stressing about everything that’s not getting done.

Most of all, I want you to feel calm and in control.

Able to trust in your own decisions and feel confident that the action you take is right for you, your business and your life.

Boom Bust Rollercoaster

I help my clients achieve this all the time, so I know it is possible for you too.

But being able to believe it is possible for you before it has actually happened is tough!

My clients often say that they could never have known how much coaching with me would change their life before they experienced it for themselves.

Take Jody, for Example

At the end of her coaching programme, I asked Jody what she been hoping to get out of it when we started.

She responded:

Accountability & direction, but I got so much more!”

She went on to explain:

“I have released blocks of fear & judgement which I thought were already released but it wasn’t until talking things through with Jo, doing the timeline therapy that I realised they hadn’t cleared completely.

I deeply trust my intuition more than before, [and] I am able to spot signs of overwhelm.

It was perfect for me and I stopped seeing my therapist as a result of the success of the NLP, etc.”

Boom Bust Rollercoaster

How do I enable you to achieve these results?

In order to achieve this, the majority of my clients have 12 one-to-one transformational coaching sessions with me.

Within these sessions, I use a variety of NLP tools to rewire unhelpful habits and thought patterns.

I often create a bespoke hypnosis track for them, or perhaps a mental rehearsal, which is a type of visualisation often used by top athletes.


Timeline Therapy

And I nearly always use Timeline Therapy to help my clients get these results.

Timeline Therapy is an extremely powerful tool that enables you to release years’ worth of emotional baggage, that you might not even be aware of, but that builds up from nearly every experience you have from the moment you are born.

But the beauty of it is that it does this without having to trawl back through difficult or traumatic experiences.

It’s a bit like doing a background clean up on your computer – everything just runs smoother after it!

In completing this process, my clients feel completely different.

Still them, but lighter.

They develop a deep sense of inner confidence.

The kind where they truly believe they are capable, and they trust themselves to know what is right for them and their business.

Working with Sarah

Sarah summed it up nicely in her feedback when she said:

“Jo has enabled me to really listen to myself, and in return I feel empowered and in control.

If you embrace all she gives you, you will develop your own processes to help you understand what it is you need to move forward and, more importantly, why.”

A Package for Everyone

Which package is right for you?

I have designed my 121 services to cater for a variety of budgets and commitments, but there are a few key ones to look out for:

Exploration Session

My Exploration Session allows you to try out coaching with me at a reduced rate, to see if we’re the right fit for one another before you commit to a package.

If you do decide you want to continue working with me, you get the price of the Exploration Session back off the cost of any package you take up.

Gold Package

When it comes to the packages, I’m so confident that you’ll achieve such major transformational shifts when you complete my 12-session Gold Package, that if you feel you need any further coaching at the end of your package, I will give you 50% discount off any ongoing sessions you book during your last session!

Platinum Package

If you’re a business owner that would like to step away from being so heavily involved in the day to day running of the business but you’re struggling to trust that your team will get the job done to the standard you want, and without missing anything, then it would be worth checking out my Platinum Package.

It is designed for people exactly like you and can be tailored to meet yours and your team’s requirements.

It works on enabling you to feel able to let go and step away, whilst also enabling your team members to have the confidence to step up and to be able to deal with the stressors that come with that, so you can trust that the business will be in capable hands even when you’re not present.

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It Works,

Don't just take my word for it

"The chance to speak honestly and openly to Jo once a week was wonderful and she has such a calm and helpful manner along with great skills and knowledge.

It exceeded expectations and took turns I was not expecting and thoroughly enjoyed."



"Jo has enabled me to really listen to myself and in return I feel empowered and in control. She's had such a positive impact on my life because I feel I'm moving forward. I'm not stuck or feeling unclear about what it is I want to achieve.

 She has such breadth of knowledge and skills to enable you to reach your individual goals."


"Jo helped to pinpoint those factors and we were able to drill down to the root causes to identify solutions to address them, so it has really made me look at things differently."


"Jo's listening and clarifying abilities are truly excellent and helped me step back and view the murmurings in my brain as clear, actionable themes to move forwards with.

I highly recommend Jo so arrange to meet her and experience her coaching first hand."


"Be prepared to be honest with yourself, no one can make those changes for you, but Jo will reveal to you what you've been unable to see for yourself. "


"I have been able to let go of some heavy baggage that I had been carrying around for a long time [and] I have a renewed feeling of self worth and value.

Don't hesitate, just get booked in you will never look back. "


"Amazing!!! You are incredible at what you do and the balance of science and understanding me is just perfect!

She will change your life for the better. "


"Jo has a fantastic blended approach of getting to know you, your goals and why your brain does what it does. The brain is a funny old thing and not always on your side!! This holistic approach means that you can receive complete expert support."


"As the weeks progressed, so did I. We set small, manageable weekly goals, which I hit each week.
With Jo's help, I established my values using her Values Exercise; this has been invaluable for me as I continue to make decisions based on these, which keeps me in true alignment with my goals.


"As a “bloke”, I never thought I’d be saying, that the hypnotherapy soundtracks, that were Individually produced for me, were awesome. Giving myself 10 minutes a day to ‘pamper’ myself with a bit of relaxation, really did make me a more productive business owner."


"Friends and family have commented on my physical and ‘attitude' changes; I look and seem more relaxed and at peace.

I am sure that I am in this good place because I did these sessions with Jo…I would recommend her to anyone, thanks for everything Jo."