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Business & Wellness – Could it be the perfect mix?

February 22, 2024
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This is something I’m passionate about.


I’ve always been a high achiever.

Knowing I am capable of more.

Pushing myself to achieve more.

Driving myself forward day after day.


But it took its toll.

My body stopped functioning at its best.


I wasn’t weak.

Far from it in fact.

I competed for GB in my Age Group in Triathlon & Duathlon, regularly podiuming at races, all whilst working a full time job in the NHS, starting my own private Physio Practice, and juggling all the daily demands of life!

2018: Competing at Staffordshire Ironman 70.3.

That is not the life of someone who is weak.

And yet, I also wasn’t at my best.

👉 The constant demands.

👉 The pressures I placed on myself.

👉 The drive to always do more.

It got to the point where I wasn’t sleeping properly.

I became withdrawn and unhappy.

I was exhausted and a lot of the time, I was walking around like a zombie, yet still pushing myself to do more.

There had to be a better way.

Surely you could continue to strive for growth, and achieve your goals, without feeling like this??

There was… and there is for you too.

This is why I am so passionate about mixing Business & Wellness.

I see health and wellness as optimising how our brain and body function.

And so that just naturally leads to better performance.

😀 More energy.

🧠 Greater clarity of thought.

🙌 Better focus and attention.

🤔 Free from worries & doubt

💡 Full of hope, inspiration and ideas.

😊 Calm & in control.

When we are in this space, we naturally perform better.

To the very best of our ability, even.

Think back to the last time you felt like you really relaxed and switched off…

  • How much more did you get done when you got back to work?
  • How many genius ideas did you have drop in out of nowhere?

It’s not magic. It’s science.

If you can build more small doses of wellness into your day, not only will you feel better in yourself, and your health will benefit, but so too will your business.

Everything slips into place and happens with ease.

When you have so much to do, it can feel like the hardest time to make time for yourself.  Yet it’s the time you need it most of all.

I’m so passionate about the benefits of this that I created an event where you can spend the morning focusing on your business, and the afternoon focusing on you.

It’s the perfect combination… Or at least I think so!

And so do the whole host of incredible experts I have lined up for the day.

🌳 Pop-Up Wellness Festival – The Business Growth Edition 📈

From workshops on streamlining processes, to using your time most efficiently and keeping the money flowing into your business throughout the morning

To an afternoon filled with yoga, woodland walks, nutrition, meditation, sleep & switching off…

…And much much more!

Join us in the beautiful Ironbridge Gorge for the next Pop-Up Wellness Festival.

  • Friday 15th March
  • 9am – 4.30pm
  • Coalport, Nr Ironbridge, Telford
  • £37 (plus booking fee) for the entire day!!

Find out what’s on and book your spot here.

Or, discover more about what the Pop-Up Wellness Festivals are all about and other upcoming events here.

Written By

Jo Plimmer

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