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How do you see yourself?

January 5, 2023
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In month 6 of the Guilt-Free programme we explore the theme of

Stepping Into Your Power. 

I know that might sound a bit corny, but I can’t think of a better way to sum the topic up!

You see, when I say ‘stepping into your power’ I don’t only mean enabling you to perform at your best every day.

I also mean truly believing in yourself.
Unwavering faith in who you are and that you are where you are meant to be.

That you have the ability to deal with anything that gets thrown your way and if you get thrown off track for a bit, trusting that you will absolutely find your way back to where you are meant to be.

As well as all of that, stepping into your power encompasses knowing that everything you want is absolutely possible for you and you just need to remove the obstacles to find your way towards it.

And finally, it also relates to making choices and taking action based on what feels good to you – what you feel truly aligned with.

Not because you feel ashamed of some part of yourself and so you’re trying to move away from something you don’t want to be.

It comes from a place where you feel proud of who you are, and you want to allow that to shine out without needing to achieve or be anything in order to deserve that pride.

It comes from a place of love and not shame. 

So how do you sum all of that up in one little phrase?!

Stepping into your power is the best fit I can find for something that is so big and feels so incredible!

The sessions are based around uncovering what might get in the way of stepping into your power so you can have and feel all of this. And then exploring what needs to happen to set you forwards on that path.

The Guilt-Free workshops are on a rolling programme, so last time we covered this one of the things that came up was how your beliefs can impact on how you see yourself.

What opinion you have of yourself.

So let me ask you this…

Do other people ever tell you that you are good at something, or you do something really well, and you cringe inside?

It feels so uncomfortable to listen to that about yourself.

Maybe you can’t relate to it at all.

Or perhaps, objectively, you can see some truth in what they are saying.

You know you have achieved a lot – you worked damn hard for it, after all – but you just can’t quite feel into it.


That sense of internal pride is missing.

Each and every one of us see ourselves, and the world around us, through the eyes of our beliefs.

How you perceive yourself, or even other people and situations, isn’t necessarily an accurate reflection of how things are.

Your perspective becomes tainted by what you believe.

You see, we form the majority of our beliefs in the early years of our life. Usually before age 7.

Sure, it is possible to develop new beliefs after this, but our core foundational beliefs are usually still hanging around.

Once a belief is formed, it sits in the brain’s filters.

And our brain likes us to be right. It likes to feel sure of things.

So, without you being consciously aware of it, your brain looks out for evidence to confirm that belief, and at the same time it is likely to ignore or disregard anything that goes against that belief.

As it looks for more evidence to confirm it, the belief gets stronger and stronger and continues to taint everything you see.

Your opinion of yourself is simply a belief. 

A belief that you keep making stronger every time you look for more evidence to prove it and ignore evidence to disprove it. 

The good news is that you do have the power to change your beliefs.


So my challenge to you this week is to explore what evidence you would need to see to disprove any limiting beliefs or low opinions you have of yourself. 

Remind yourself of this throughout the week (jot it down and read back over it, for example), and get curious to see what, if anything, you start to notice differently.

If nothing changes, you’ll have lost nothing, but if something does change…well, surely that’s worth exploring how far you can take it?!

If this is something you’d like to explore more, get in touch and we can start to unpick it together so you can change those beliefs once and for all!

Written By

Jo Plimmer

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