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Hitting the wall when you’ve been doing so well

February 2, 2023
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Well, we got through what often feels like the longest month of the year, and we’ve made it into February!

But January, for many, has come to signal the time to start making positive changes as we leave the past year behind and embark on a New Year ahead.

I don’t particularly buy into this.

For me, positive change is best implemented when the time is right for you and not because of a particular date or time of the year.

However, what I am passionate about is making change easier, smoother and a truly positive experience. 

The changes I specialise in are enabling a better balance in your life, and feeling able to take time for you, even when there are so many other demands on your time, but without neglecting any of the things that are important to you.

There are huge benefits associated with this:

  • Feeling able to relax more easily, and in turn sleep better
  • Being able to focus and be productive at work, but also switch off and be present at home
  • Reducing worry, anxiety and doubt
  • Tackling numbing behaviours that are the result of feeling uncomfortable and not in control. Examples include overworking, overeating, gambling or overspending amongst many more.

But ultimately these are all just symptoms of the problem, and not actually the problem itself. 

Sure there are lots of things that can help relieve these symptoms. These are talked about a lot in the wellness space, and rightly so, there are some extremely powerful tools!

But if you don’t get to the root cause, then it’s just a sticking plaster and won’t actually solve the problem in the long run.

However, whenever you embark on a process of change, whether it’s focused on the symptoms or the root cause, it will still come with it’s challenges. 

And one of my clients experienced this recently.

When we first started working together, this lovely lady had been struggling with stepping away from the desk, always feeling drawn back in because there was just so much to do.

When she did take time off, and got away for a family holiday, even then, her head was full of all the worries and ‘what ifs’.

Not only about work, but worrying about her children, her husband, her parents…

She was always thinking of others.

A wonderful quality, no doubt. But when her head was so full of worries and concerns, she didn’t enjoy the things she had put so much effort into organising and the time she got to spend with her family.

She would do a good job of putting a smile on, but really, inside, her head was racing with thoughts and she felt anxious and agitated.

Since then she has made incredible progress.

Whilst her worries and ‘what ifs’ used to be loud, occupy so much of her headspace, and create tension in her body, they have now almost disappeared.

They are just there at a level that allows her to keep herself and her family safe, without them running amok and going wild in her brain!

Every week she comments on how much she loves the sessions and the positive changes she is feeling as a result. And her business is absolutely flying too 🤩🙌

However, this week, despite the what ifs remaining quiet, something wasn’t right.

She had been feeling low, lacking energy and motivation since I last saw her.
She had an uneasy feeling in her stomach.

As we explored more, we came to realise that it was a natural part of the change process. Uncomfortable but one we expect whenever implementing change…


Whenever we embark on change, at first our brain is all for it.

You’ll likely have experienced that feeling of being full of enthusiasm and drive in the first few days and weeks when you’ve made positive changes.

But it’s likely at some point you’ve also experienced hitting the wall, or falling off the wagon.

You might not even notice it at first. Something happens to distract your focus or life simply gets in the way.

But really, this is your system acting on a subconscious level to keep you safe and alive.

It knows you have remained safe and alive all these years where you are, but if you change, it doesn’t know what that might bring. And so it acts to keep you stuck.

But by knowing about it, being ready for it and having the right tools to deal with it, we can calm that fearful part of your brain and allow you to continue working towards your aspirations 🤩🥳

And so that’s what we did for my client.

When you understand how your brain and body work, it makes it so much easier to work with it and get the results you want. Rather than fighting against it and either feeling exhausted by it all, or like you’ve failed…or both!

And that’s why I have created my new email series…

The secrets no one is telling you to make changes that last!

It’s a 5-day mini-series of emails, and you can sign up for all the juicy secrets here:

I hope you enjoy it, but if at any point you have any questions or want to know more, please don’t hesitate to get in touch me.

In the meantime, you might also want to check out what’s coming up in Guilt-Free this month, as it’s all about understanding and enabling your brain and body to work at their best, so that you can be at your best.

Find out all the details here:

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Jo Plimmer

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