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At what point do you stop and pay attention to your health?

February 11, 2023
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Are you one of those people who refuses to go to the doctor’s even when your foot is hanging off, won’t take painkillers despite being crippled with pain or puts on a brave face to the world, despite things starting to feel desperate?

How bad does it have to get before you pay attention to your own health and wellbeing?

🤔 Is it when you’ve got a niggle?
🤔 Does it have to be affecting day to day function?
🤔 Perhaps it’s when you or someone you love has a significant health scare?

Or maybe you’re someone that is pretty proactive in your approach?

Whatever your approach, this isn’t about making you feel bad and I’m not about to start preaching to you.

You’re old enough and wise enough to make your own decisions.

This is more about getting you to reflect on whether this approach is still working for you.
Whether you want it to be any different. 

I used to work with some patient’s after they had had a stroke who weren’t really interested in engaging with physio.

Sometimes this was the effects of the stroke, their medication, or even other mental health problems. In which case, we might tackle those problems, or find an alternative way to have these discussions with them and find out what they do want.

But sometimes it just wasn’t their priority.
And that was absolutely fair enough – it’s their life and their decision at the end of the day.

We all have the right to decide what’s right or wrong for us. 

I know for sure how I’d react if someone suddenly started trying to tell me what they think should do, without being invited to do so!
They might have my best interests at heart, but only I get to decide what’s right for me.

However, what I am a big fan of is informed choice.

I’m a naturally curious person.

I like to consider all the available information so I feel like I’m sure that I’m making the best decision for me, rather than just following a trend or doing something because I’ve been told that’s what I should do.

In fact, this is how I first really came about a lot of the information I share with my clients and Guilt-Free members. It started with me reviewing the information that was out there so I was informed for my own decisions.

But as I researched more and more, I was shocked!

I’d trained and worked in healthcare for 15 years and there was a lot of information that I had never even come across.

And I don’t mean the complex knowledge required by doctors to make important decisions in relation to someone’s care.

But essential knowledge about the basic functioning of our brain and body.

Stuff that could make a huge impact on things so many people I talked to every day struggled with.

And it doesn’t have to involve huge changes to your lifestyle either.

For example, switching from overhead lights to lamps in the evening, or getting outdoors (or even by a window) in the morning supports your natural circadian rhythm. In turn, that improves sleep quality and means you’re more likely to awake feeling refreshed.

Combine a few really small and simple changes and you can have far-reaching effects on your health, wellbeing and performance.

To give you some context here, having less than 7 hours sleep a night on a regular basis has been found to have the same impact on your performance as a blood alcohol level at the legal drink-drive limit. Not to mention that sleep deprivation like this is linked to problems such as obesity, type 2 diabetes, depression and dementia.

So if you’re someone that regularly gets less than 7 hours sleep a night, or has poor quality sleep, and you’re expecting yourself to be firing on all cylinders every day – thinking on your feet, getting 100 things done at once all whilst dealing with other people, distractions, pressures…I mean, give yourself a break!

Is it any wonder you feel a bit sluggish every now and again, you struggle to think clearly and can’t function on top form 100% of the time?!

So you see what I mean?

Having the information, and considering how it relates to you and your situation puts the power back in your hands.

It doesn’t mean you have to change anything.
And it absolutely doesn’t mean that what works for me will work for you. Or even that what worked for you once will work for you now.

But that’s the point, isn’t it?

It’s about working out what works for you right now.
And then overcoming any obstacles that stop you from doing those things.

And that’s why I created the Guilt-Free programme:

  • It provides the information.
  • It provides the opportunity for reflection.
  • And it supports you to work out what is right for you.
One lady who joined us as a visitor for one of the sessions had been struggling with a flare up of her chronic back pain.

When I saw her a few days after the workshop, she told me the session had been the kick up the bum she needed. It made her give some priority to her own self care, and 4 days later, she was already feeling so much better.

Sometimes the best action you can take is to step back, give yourself the time and space to reflect, and get perspective on what you need to keep moving forward.

If you’d like to know more about the full programme and all that we cover, you can check it out here.

Not been before?
Come along and see what all the fuss is about for yourself! Just click the link above and hit the relevant button that says ‘Book your complimentary session’. Don’t forget to use the code TRYITOUT at the checkout to claim your free session!

Written By

Jo Plimmer

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